Elias Papadopoulos

Elias Papadopoulos

 Born in Thessaloniki in 1974, I grew up in Nafplio where I spent my childhood and teenage years. After graduating from high school, I settled in Komotini, Thrace to study Law at university. It was there that I had the amazing opportunity to experience the multicultural Thrace, a prefecture in the north-eastern borders of Greece.

    After having spent a few years in Athens practicing Law, I made the decision to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital and move back to my hometown, Nafplio, where I started my own business as a lawyer. At the same time, I decided to follow academic studies in a field that has been of keen interest and true love to me since I was a child i.e. that of History- at the University of Kalamata, South Peloponnesus and at Panteion University of Athens. 

   Blessed with the luck to be living in one of the most beautiful Greek cities, I was often given the chance to offer «guided tours» to friends that would visit Nafplio on holidays.   It was the great pleasure deriving from this experience that urged me to transform what was the work of an amateur into my profession.

  Nafplio, Argolis and the wider area of Peloponnesus are full of archaeological sites and places of cultural interest. Each one of them provides us with the opportunity to talk about different historical periods -from prehistoric antiquity to the present -and about the relationships of continuity and discontinuity among the successive civilizations that thrived in this land.  

  My personal viewpoint focuses on the historical context in which human civilizations are born, on the social conditions rather than on dates, on the way of living of common people instead of the victories of generals and emperors and places great importance in geography and climate.